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Russian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Russian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Can somebody translate "Brothers are not always related by blood" to Russian? » answer
by Paalduulomus, 2017-05-27, 01:30  Spam?  96.60.22....
by Demetrius, 2017-05-27, 04:52  Spam?  176.49.226....
In this case a Google translation is not bad. The Google translation is "Братья не всегда связаны кровью".
Could someone help translate this old poster? » answer
by remmyrem, 2017-05-14, 13:14  Spam?  81.216.194....
I've been reading about the Russian Red Cross' work during WW1 and I was wondering if anybody could help me translate this poster?

My Russian is at beginner-level, so I don't understand much of it.
by Demetrius, 2017-05-14, 14:05  Spam?  176.49.201....
It was in Russian:

На передовых позициях
работает только
направив туда
164 лазарета
и 22 отряда при
55000 кроватей,

врачей 696
сестер 6689
санитаров 8000

20-21 декабря

Москвичи! Не уставайте жертвовать, как не устают
биться за честь и величие нашей Родины те, кому вы жертвуете.
by Demetrius, 2017-05-14, 14:07  Spam?  176.49.201....
In English:

At the forefront
Works only
Sent there
164 Infirmaries
And 22 detachments at
55000 beds,

doctors 696
nurses 6689
medical orderlies 8000

December 20-21

People of Moscow! Do not get tired of donating, men to whom you are donating do not get tired to fight for honor and greatness of our Motherland.
by remmyrem, 2017-05-14, 14:41  Spam?  81.216.194....
Thank you, Demetrius!
From Russian youtube » answer
by Shawnthegnome (UN), 2017-05-10, 01:00  Spam?  
I have been learning Russian one word at a time.... from youtube videos.  Can someone please try and translate what sounds like..

Y U marble be atz


Why you marble beatz

Thank you..
by Demetrius, 2017-05-10, 03:30  Spam?  176.49.215....
At all it is not understandable. Please give the link to the movie.
by Shawnthegnome (UN), 2017-05-10, 04:12  Spam?  
youtube .

at the 3.30 second mark.  he says it twice..
by Demetrius, 2017-05-10, 04:32  Spam?  176.49.215....
Man has said "Твою маму, блядь".
by Shawnthegnome (UN), 2017-05-10, 05:39  Spam?  
thank you... it is pretty much what I thought it was...
[SPAM]» answer
by nicolvichl schmidt, 2017-04-19, 12:40  154.70.110...
Please Help Translate! » answer
by Bulbasaur (UN), 2017-04-16, 19:52  Spam?  
Hi, could someone please translate this into Russian so I can memorize it. Please and thanks!

Hello, my name is Alonzo. I live in the United States and want to learn Russian. I want to learn the language so I can make Russian friends. I am nice, curious, and ready to learn.
by Demetrius, 2017-04-16, 21:28  Spam?  176.49.242....
Hello, Alonzo. The translation is ready.

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Алонзо. Я живу в США и хочу изучать русский язык. Я хочу выучить этот язык для того, чтобы завести русских друзей. Я хороший, любознательный и готов учиться.
by Bulbasaur (UN), 2017-04-16, 21:36  Spam?  
bending to clear the low metal ceiling » answer
by Demetrius, 2017-04-06, 10:32  Spam?  176.49.250....
This is a phrase from Robert Sheckley "The Hour of Battle". The phrase is "He returned from the port to his chair, bending to clear the low metal ceiling." Could anyone explain me what does the second part of the sentence mean?

I have looked this narrative in Russian translations. One translator leaves this phrase without translation, another translator writes his some fantasy. Nobody Russian understand this!
bending to clear the low metal ceiling  #868317
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2017-04-08, 09:26  Spam?  
Hi Demetrius!

First of all:
This sentence is wrong: Nobody(?) Russian understand(s?) this!
Correct sentense: No Russian can understand this(that)!

And then.. what makes you think and say so?
If you personally can't do anyting, it doesn't mean everybody can't do that either.
The word "port" has several meanings in Russian like:проход, левый борт (судна), гавань; приют; убежище etc. You know the context and it's up to you to choose any of them.

The second part of the sentence:... bending to clear the low metal ceiling.
I would propose the following: нагнувшись/нагибаясь, чтобы почистить ( вымыть? помыть?) низкий металлический потолок.

As you see, it's nothing difficult in that part of the sentence.

Best wishes
by Demetrius, 2017-04-08, 10:49  Spam?  176.49.232....
Добрый день, Андрей!

Я по-русски. Согласен, окончание "s" к слову "understand" следовало бы приделать. В остальном - я не понимаю. На моем (школьном, можно сказать) уровне знания анг. языка разница между "Nobody Russian" и "No Russian" неощутима. У меня задача, чтобы понятно было - это уже достижение.

По поводу фразы. У Шекли в космосе где-то - на рубежах - напряженно ждут нападения инопланетян. Смотрят на индикатор. И почти не говорят даже. Они - солдаты, охранители. И вдруг вот это: "Он вернулся от иллюминатора к своему креслу, наклонившись помыть низкий металлический потолок". Жуть. Я и подумал, что здесь или идиома какая-нибудь или еще что. В прямом значении предложение русскому человеку понять невозможно, потому что оно не влазит в контекст. Оно и в рамки специфического юмора Шекли, похоже, не влазит....
» show full text
by Truhachev (RU), 2017-04-08, 10:59  Spam?  
Hi Demetrius!

Добрый совет:
найдите сайт с английской грамматикой, раздел "Употребление слов: no / nobody" . После изучения раздела Вам все станет ясным.
ПС: У меня уровень не школьный, а за плечами окончание института , факультет иностранных языков.(специализация: немецкий и английский языки) + работа преподавателем и переводчиком изрядное количество лет.

Best wishes
style-wise incorrect? sound old-fasioned? » answer
by Eric 1403, 2017-04-04, 16:28  Spam?  203.186.77....
Hi everyone,

I am soon going to marry a Russian speaking girl.
I wrote some words to her (see below) and I wish to tell it to her on our wedding day. My concern is I do not want to sound old-fashioned. You might also warn me if it seems style-wise incorrect.

Appreciate your interest in giving me a helping hand,

ты для меня всё
Весь мой мир оборачивается вокруг тебя...

Ты мой день и ночь, Поскольку ты моя первая мысль с которой я просыпаюсь утром
и последняя  Когда я засыпаю вечером...

Мои дождь и солнце - я люблю, когда идет дождь И я могу пить капли дождя Прямо из Твоих Малиновых губ; ты делаешь вещи ярче, более красочными и теплее - Так же, как солнце...

C тобой всё более особенное, интереснее, приятнее...

Благодарю тебя за каждый день с тобой, Как это стоило жить
by Demetrius, 2017-04-04, 17:57  Spam?  176.49.213....
Why old-fashioned? Russian girls like love words. Here is a variant (I remake a little):

Ты для меня - всё.
Мой мир - это ты.

Ты - мои день и ночь.
О тебе - первая мысль, с которой я просыпаюсь утром,
И последняя, когда я засыпаю - о тебе.

Ты - мои дождь и солнце.
Я люблю, когда идет дождь.
Ведь я могу пить капли дождя из твоих малиновых губ.
Как солнце, ты согреваешь и делаешь ярким каждый мой день.

Благодарю судьбу за то, что ты со мной.
Ты - мое счастье, ты - моя жизнь.
To Demetrius  #868099
by Eric 1403, 2017-04-04, 18:14  Spam?  203.186.77....
Many thanks, Demetrius - once more I read both versions and I prefer yours over mine :)
Help with translate » answer
by Dedicated (UN), Last modified: 2017-04-04, 12:55  Spam?  
Can anyone assist me to translate the following from English to Russian:

- 'You should ask her what she did on her holiday to Thailand in November, 2016?
She must be a really good friend.'

Thanks in advance.

How about:

- 'She must be a really good friend'
'You should ask her what she did on her holiday to Thailand in November, 2016'

I should point out that it is meant to oppose the first sentence. It is almost meant to be hypothetical or sarcastic.
by Demetrius, 2017-04-04, 12:05  Spam?  176.49.242....
It seems, the first sentence opposes the second one. I am not understand. Could you give another variant?
by Dedicated (UN), 2017-04-04, 12:57  Spam?  
Can anyone assist me to translate the following from English to Russian:

- 'You should ask her what she did on her holiday to Thailand in November, 2016?
She must be a really good friend?'

How about:

- 'She must be a really good friend'
'You should ask her what she did on her holiday to Thailand in November, 2016'

I should point out that it is meant to oppose the first sentence. It is almost meant to be hypothetical or sarcastic.
by Demetrius, 2017-04-04, 13:17  Spam?  176.49.242....
I am understand it is sarcasm. I am thinking.
by Demetrius, 2017-04-04, 13:28  Spam?  176.49.242....
In Russian:

Вы должны были бы спросить ее, что она делала в Таиланде в ноябре 2016 года. Должно быть, она действительно хороший друг.
by Demetrius, 2017-04-04, 15:16  Spam?  176.49.213....
It was the blunder in "I am understand it is sarcasm". My bad. Must be: "I have understood it is sarcasm."
Need help translating Russian letters to English » answer
by ljc-8546, 2017-03-31, 12:45  Spam?  86.24.91....
I have dozens of letters belonging to a WW2 refugee who came to England. She has passed away now, unfortunately I never got to meet her. I am now in possession of dozens of letters she received (during the 1950's I believe) and they are all in Russian.

Can anyone please help me translate them?
by Demetrius, 2017-03-31, 14:15  Spam?  176.49.236...
I think, at first it is better to type the text from handle-made variant to computer variant. After that you could see a sense of this letters by means Google translator. Typing is cheaper then translation.

I can't do good translation to English. Please look at, here are tens of Russian translators:
Need help translating Russian letters to English  #867853
by Truhachev (RU), 2017-04-01, 01:33  Spam?  
Hello ljc-8546,
I  am a graduated teacher of English from Russia.
My name is Andrey.
I could help you with your problem.
Please send me an e-mail to: atruhachev4;
Can you get your letters scanned? If so, send me some scannned copies of the letters.
Another short note i need help with :) » answer
by b00, 2017-03-21, 15:18  Spam?  178.197.233...
Since the last one went really quickly, there is another note i need some help with:
Thank you so much for translating! Means the world to me :)
by Demetrius, 2017-03-21, 15:38  Spam?  176.49.235...
In Russian: Закончи смотреть фильм "В поисках Дори",
In English: Finish watching the movie "In search of Dori".

Please, come back soon. I will be here.
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