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Russian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Russian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Children's tale » answer
by Mia_CH, 2016-09-28, 09:38  Spam?  130.223.59...
I got as a gift this poster from Soviet illustrator Yuri Vasnetzov. It's a nice picture with animals crossing a bridge and on the bottom of the poster there is what I assume is a little poem for children, but I can't translate it.

It reads:

Сколочу мосток,
Серебром замощу,
Всех ребят пущу.

You can see the picture here:

Could you please help?

Thank you !
by Mia_CH, 2016-09-28, 10:04  Spam?  130.223.59...
Сколочу мосток,                                          
Серебром замощу,
Всех ребят пущу.
На мосту сидит комар,                      
Комариный генерал.                        
Важный, усатый,                                            
Жених богатый.
     - Приходите, гости званые                  
       На комариные гуляния!                        
       Хотите - летите, хотите - бегите,            
       Только прошу вас -  спешите!

I think that's the whole poem! Thank you :)
translation  #855038
by pushok, 2016-09-28, 11:06  Spam?  103.212.119....
Translation of short text » answer
by fallkin (UN), 2016-09-17, 18:25  Spam?  
Hi! My grandma has a couple of old cups with what looks like russian on them, but she has no clue what it means. Figured I would try and find out for her so if anyone can translate what's on this cup or atleast identify the language if it isn't russian we would greatly appreciate it!
Translation of short text  #854672
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2016-09-23, 08:27  Spam?  
Yes,it's Russian. The text has 3 words: В ДЕНЬ АНГЕЛА ( V DEN ANGELA). Literally it means: At (your) Saint’s day( or Name Day). This cup is a gift given at somebody's Saint’s(name) day( maybe a child).

Before, a child got the name from the Church, during the  christening . It was chosen not at random, but according to one of several rules. Most often, the child has been named in honor of the saint who had been memorized at the birthday of the child or the day of nomination, as well as the day of baptism. For girls it was allowed offset for a few days, if there was no memory of holy women. With this choice, the birthday and еру name day often coincided and were joined together  in the minds. Until now, birthday children are called those who celebrates a holiday, but Christians celebrate birthday party in honor...
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Could someone help with translation/Gjvjubnt кто нибудь с переводом » answer
by azqwe (UN), Last modified: 2016-06-01, 16:02  Spam?  
Could someone help with translation  #845509
by Truhachev (RU), 2016-06-07, 02:36  Spam?  
need a littlehelp, i`m stuck » answer
by nikita78, 2016-05-02, 00:07  Spam?  188.173.72...
огорошить всех видом своего кривобокого - what does this means? it`s from here:

Известно: памятники безъязыки. Но, восстав, бронзовый Тургенев способен огорошить всех видом своего кривобокого, почти клоунского костюма, словно застегнутого не на ту пуговицу, и это было бы равносильно тому, если бы он – «в исступлении» (как тогда) – прокричал русское слово:
need a littlehelp, i`m stuck  #842096
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2016-05-03, 05:50  Spam?  
I 've translated this passage as I see it:
Here it is:

It is (well) known:  monuments can not speak. But, having been errected, the bronze figure of Turgenev  is able to dumbfound
everybody by the view of his lopsided, almost clownish suit, as if it had been  fastened  in a wrong button order, and this would be equivalent to that as if he - "(being) in hysterics" (almost in the case that took place then)- shouted the Russian word:

PS: About "кривобокий" you can see here for more details:


With kind regards
translate russian to english » answer
by alshawwa (UN), 2016-04-26, 20:15  Spam?  
ну екатерина ты знаешь
i have tried to translate this using online translators but it doesn't make sense
can anyone help translating  ну екатерина ты знаешь
translate russian to english  #841488
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2016-05-03, 05:05  Spam?  
ну екатерина ты знаешь

Hello, dear friend!

The translation of this sentence can vary depending on the context. It seems to be a piece of a telephone conversation or some kind of a chat.
My translation woul be:
-Well, Katharine, you are in the know (what I mean).

With kind regards
How do you pronounce this Russian name? » answer
by Musiclover, 2016-04-15, 08:23  Spam?  96.250.114....
I am wondering how you pronounce the Russian name "Levon Atovmyan". He was a musican and friend of Shostakovich. Thanks in advance!
How do you pronounce this Russian name?  #841126
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2016-04-23, 11:19  Spam?  
Hi my dear friend!

Levon Atovmyan, as you can see, is unfortunately not a Russian man and his name is also not Russian one. According to his first and  second names he can be only an Armenian. No Russian person have the first name like Levon. Russian people have mostly names like Pyotr (Peter), Nikolay (Nicolaus), Stepan (Steven)or may be Andrey (Andrew). They are mostly of the Greek origin, because Russia has been baptised by the Greeks.

Secondly, no Russian person has a family name that ends with "yan". Russian family names are mostly Petrov, Ivanov, Sviridov, Lazarev, Pushkin, Putin etc. So they have the endings like: -ov, -ev,-in, but never -"yan". Atovmyan is a typical Armenian second name, like Sarkisyan, Pogosyan etc.
Would you like to ask me how Armenians pronounce their names? Firstly, they have...
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Antique chest ? » answer
by Therese B., 2016-04-06, 18:21  Spam?  151.238.23....
Ниже(?)ор. Ярм шоссе, меьельная линIЯ
Основ 1869
THIS IS WRITTEN INSIDE an antique chest we have in our home, I can't read it but i think it's russian and I tried to type it but couldn't find some of the letters on the russian keyboard, (different fonts) so there are typos. One letter (?) was damaged and I couldn't tell what it was. I will be very glad if someone can tell me what it says in English ! Thank you in advance for your help.
Antique chest ?  #839482
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2016-04-07, 07:31  Spam?  
1.ФАБРИКА МЕТАЛЛИЧЕСКИХ ИЗДЕЛИЙ= metal products works (factory; mill; manufactory; plant;)
2.ИВАНА СМИРНОВА = by/of Ivan Smirnov (the owner's name)
3.Лужницкая улица= ( seems to be an address) Luzhnetskaya street (From Wikipedia: У́лица Бахру́шина (до 1922 — Лужнецкая улица, в 1922—1959 — Лужниковская улица: Wikipedia(RU): Улица_Бахрушина)
4.Нижегородская ярмарка= Nizhny Novgorod Fair (Wiki:Wikipedia(EN): Nizhny_Novgorod_Fair)
5.шоссе = road or roadway
6.мебельная линия= "furniture line" (линия- один из типов улиц (Line is one of the names or types types of streets (earlier))
7.Основ. 1869= Основана в 1869 = Founded in 1869

PS: I hope I could help you
Sincerely yours
by Therese B., 2016-04-07, 11:36  Spam?  151.238.23....
Need help with translation of 1 sentence » answer
by MonikaSE (UN), Last modified: 2016-04-06, 09:24  Spam?  
I'm writing to a Russian registrar and would like to inform them about a site used for fraud. I would like to ask you for a translation of the following:

"Dear Sir or Madame,

I want to inform you about the following domain which is being used for illegal activity. Please investigate and suspend this fraudulent site."

Thank you
Working in mental health » answer
by Gwreds (GB), 2016-02-18, 21:57  Spam?  
What is 'care assistant' in Russian? That is someone who works in a large private house where old people or physically or mentally disabled people live. In the UK it is an unqualified position and involves cleaning, cooking, shopping etc.
care assistant  #834626
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2016-02-21, 00:44  Spam?  
Acording to a dictionary," care assistant" is a person employed to look after children or old or disabled people in a home, hospital,

in Russia we call it generally " домашний персонал" (domestic staff or home care assistants-помощники по дому )
We also call them:" помощник по хозяйству"(domestic helper ) or "помощник по дому".

The staff who looks after children we call usually: "нянька для детей"  or " гувернантка (child day-care mother") that means that lady also takes some lessons  to children and goes them walking;

персонал по присмотру за престарелыми (больными, старыми ) людьми  is normally called in Russia:
"нянька / песонал  по уходу за больными, старыми, престарелыми, обездвидженными людьми"

If you need a houshold keeper , in old-fashioned Russian it is called" домработница"or even "'экономка". Look here., please:

A free Android fitness app » answer
by EuclesSport, 2016-01-25, 20:14  Spam?  87.88.182....
Hello, I'm writing a free fitness Android app named "Eucles Sport Companion" that can post sport activities on Facebook, Twitter and Strava.
In the app settings, the user can see which social network is actually bound to the app. He can bind to new networks or revoke existing access.

Could someone translate to russian these 4 items please?

- "Social networks"
- "Tap to bind Eucles to your XXX account"
- "Bounded to YYY account"  
- "Revoke"

(XXX = Facebook or Twitter or Strava)
(YYY is the user name on selected social network)

These 2 screenshots may help you to see the context:

Many thanks in advance to help me providing this free fitness app to Russian people :-)
 Term: A free Android fitness app  #833713
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2016-02-14, 12:53  Spam?  
Hera are the answers:

1)- "Социальные сети" for "Social networks"
2)"Tap to bind Eucles to your XXX account"-"Слегка нажмите, чтобы "привязать" Эвклес к вашему  аккаунту  в сети Фейсбук / Твиттер / Страва"
3) "Bounded to YYY account"  - "Привязан к вашему аккаунту на Фейсбуке / в Твиттере / в Страве"
4)- "Revoke"- "Отменить"
THANKS A LOT !  #834173
by Eucles-Sport (FR), 2016-02-15, 09:11  Spam?  
Thank you very much Truhachev, thanks to you Eucles Sport app V3.6 is now available
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