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Russian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Russian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Handwriting on Matryoshka » answer
by kirstmic, 2018-02-10, 17:53  Spam?  24.3.88....
We recently bought a set of matryoshka at a yard sale and have been trying to translate the writing on the bottom. We believe the first line is Sergiev Posad, followed by the date, but are having trouble with the last line. Could it be the artist's name or a title of the paintings on the dolls? Thank you for your help! Photo of writing:
by kirstmic, 2018-02-10, 17:57  Spam?  24.3.88....
This is a Russian to English translation needed, I apologize for putting it in the wrong category!
by Demetries, 2018-02-11, 05:36  Spam?  176.49.238...
The inscription is:

Сергиев Посад
1993 г
Головинова Светлана

You are right, the third line is the artist name.
Handwriting translation » answer
by screens, 2018-02-05, 04:00  Spam?  24.90.230....
Hello! Received this handwriting I tried matching the cursive with letters but it's really tough and realize it'll be pretty much impossible. Context is probably something goofy addressed to a significant other.

Thank you for the help!
by Demetries, 2018-02-05, 04:37  Spam?  176.49.254....

Here is:

"Оставляю тебе эту записку на память о том, что в феврале 2018 года мы были у тебя в Вильямсбурге и смотрели американский футбол (в котором я, конечно же, ничего не понимаю).
Этим летом мы снимем комнату на Рокавэй и будем много смеяться".

"I do for you this note in memory of the fact that in February 2018 we were at your place in Williamsburg and watched American football (in which, of course, I do not understand anything).
This summer we will rent a room on Rockaway and will laugh a lot."

Have a nice day
by screens, 2018-02-05, 05:36  Spam?  24.90.230....
Amazing! Thank you!
need to translate this sentence » answer
by somniaferummmm, 2018-01-14, 13:14  Spam?  85.106.12...
Can someone translate this for me? ''Кулон выполнен в технике послойного запекания с детальной проработкой всех деталей.''
by Demetries, 2018-01-14, 13:51  Spam?  176.49.229....
What place in Google translation is not clear to you?
Transliteration of cyrillic letters in latin alphabet » answer
by yzari (UN), 2018-01-12, 14:04  Spam?  
I ran into a user named 3APA3O4KA and got curious about what this actually translates to. I guess it is a latin-alphabet transliteration of Cyrillic letters and probably russian or ukrainian? The closest I get is "запазoчка". That would translate to something like "lag" ?

Any help with what language this is or what it translates to would be very nice. Thanks.
by Demetrius, 2018-01-12, 19:35  Spam?  176.49.196....
This is Russian word "заразочка" (zarazochka), this word means "little infection". "Заразочка" is the derivate from word "зараза" with addition diminutive affix.

by yzari (UN), 2018-01-12, 21:21  Spam?  
Thank you very much. To me "little infection" has negative connotations, with infection meaning disease. Looking into the meaning of 3apa3o4ka I found several bloggers and online users in various forums and online games that use this as their online user name.
Could you shed some light as to why one would chose something like "small disease" as their user name? Is it possible that there is some more meaning or cultural difference at work here?
by Demetrius, 2018-01-13, 06:45  Spam?  176.49.213...
Yes, "зараза" is contagious disease. Only bad meaning.

"Заразочка" is the Russian word of female kind. It is not probable for boy to have such the nick-name, rather, they are girls. I do not think we must look to the side of culture explaining this. This is something growing from (kid) psychology. They play such the game (showing to the other men they are bad girls).

3APA3O4KA   #885739
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2018-01-19, 10:25  Spam?  
The word ZARAZA has really as many as three meanings:

1) disease or its causative agent (infection, contagion)
2) a mean person, a scoundrel  ( like son-of-a-bitch; (about the woman) bitch
3) interjection: damn!; hell!

ZARAZOCHKA means in colloquial speech as much as " little bitch" (of a girl)

Best wishes
[SPAM]» answer
by newPrivatservice, 2018-01-09, 22:07  154.70.9...
[SPAM]» answer
by Privatservice, 2018-01-09, 22:05  154.70.9...
Antique engraving » answer
by Sjameson111 (UN), Last modified: 2018-01-03, 02:47  Spam?  
I have purchased an antique cigarette case and would like to know what the enscription says.  Can I upload a photo?
by Demetrius, 2018-01-03, 05:58  Spam?  176.49.194....
You can give us reference to a photo, which was uploaded in some another place.
Translate Russian Contact Info? » answer
by Baneyw, 2018-01-02, 03:06  Spam?  174.97.27....
Last time I saw Sergey, it was 1995 and we were near Zagreb, Croatia.   We exchanged contact info.  He wrote his address down,but I’ve never been able to understand it.  

I recently found someone who was able to map the address.  I found it on google maps and am planning g to send a letter to that address in the mail. I’m just not 100% sure how to write it.   Also, there seems to be more information other than the address.  Can anyone help me understand what it means?   Also, any tips on locating him online would be helpful

Here is what he wrote:
by Demetrius, 2018-01-02, 04:50  Spam?  176.49.205....
All are easy. Please contact me via email, my email is in a post 2 posts below. Because, I do not want write personal address in public place, this doing may be penalized.
Re: World War II Soviet Postcard Translation Request » answer
by NotesCollector, 2017-12-27, 07:43  Spam?  220.255.20...
Dear friends,

 I acquired these two World War II Soviet postcards recently and wondered if anyone could be of help in translating what was written on the postcards.

I do not know Russian myself, and given the historical context in which the two postcards were written, I just thought it would be a shame to not try and find out what the writers were actually conveying.

I would be most grateful for any help!

Many thanks, and best wishes for the new year ahead!

by Demetrius, 2017-12-27, 13:46  Spam?  176.49.206...
Dear friend,

I cannot load pictures from photobucket. Bad connect, or something go wrong. Please, send me pictures here exre4; I can start to translate in 15 hours approx, I can give you the translation tomorrow, approx in 20 hours (all from this moment when I wrote this).

Best wishes.
by NotesCollector, 2017-12-27, 16:08  Spam?  220.255.20...
Hello Demetrius,

Thank you for your reply and offer of help! Unfortunately, I cannot send the pictures to exre4; as it is not a valid email address.

Do you have another email?


by NotesCollector, 2017-12-27, 16:17  Spam?  220.255.20...
Hello Demetrius,

On second thought, I uploaded the two postcard images on another website.

Postcard 1 -

Postcard 2 -

Just copy the link starting from 'goo' and paste it in your web browser - it should work okay.

Thank you for your help once again!

by Demetrius, 2017-12-27, 16:27  Spam?  176.49.210...
I got the it. Hope you will be here tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow, it is a coming night in my place. Have a good day.
by Demetrius, 2017-12-28, 10:11  Spam?  176.49.205....
Hi, the first one:

..... мне было уже все равно, что обо мне подумают, что скажут. Я уже не стыдилась ни своих слез, ни своего горя. Пусть не покажутся вам навязчивыми мои письма, откровенные признания. Я, конечно, не сравниваю вашего горя со своим. Но мне тоже сейчас очень тяжело. И с кем, как не с вами, могу я сейчас говорить? Возможно потому, что я любила Володю, вы для меня, которых я совершенно не знаю, стали сразу близкими, родными.

Крепко целую вас,


..... it did not matter to me that people would think about me, what they would say. I was no longer ashamed of my tears or my grief. I hope my  letters and frank confessions do not seem obsessive to you. Of course, I do not compare your grief with mine. But I am grieving now, too. And with whom, if not with you, can I now speak? Perhaps because...
» show full text
by Demetrius, 2017-12-28, 10:14  Spam?  176.49.205....
the second:


..... дочурка!!! ..... что я сейчас нахожусь в госпитале на Кавказе, на одном из лучших курортов. Скоро выздоровею и наверное поеду опять на фронт бить немцев. Желаю тебе веселого лета, успехов, хорошо учиться, слушать маму. Целую крепко моя милая дочка, поцелуй за меня мамку.

Куда: Одесская область, Котовск, улица 8 марта (номер дома)

Кому: Янковским, для Валюнас Надя

Откуда: ..... Грузинская ССР .....


..... daughter! ..... that I am now in a hospital in the Caucasus, at one of the best resorts. Soon I will recover and probably go back to the front to beat the Germans. I wish you a merry summer, success, good study, be listening to mammy. I kiss my dear daughter, kiss mammy instead of me.

To: Odessa region, Kotovsk, street March 8 (house number)

» show full text
by NotesCollector, 2017-12-28, 15:50  Spam?  220.255.20...
Hello Demetrius,

Thank you very much for your help once again! I am very pleased and count myself very fortunate to be able to finally understand what the two WWII Soviet postcards were about. They were written by ordinary soldiers; one soldier wrote to his sweetheart back home and another soldier wrote to his daughter after being wounded in action - it really makes one wonder whether the two of them survived the Great Patriotic War and went on to live their lives as best as they could.

It is letters like these that help put a human face to history - all of which would not have been possible without your translation help to someone halfway around the world.

To you, goes a word of great appreciation and recognition.

So thank you once again, and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018 ahead :)


Tng Kwang
by Demetrius, 2017-12-28, 18:22  Spam?  176.49.235...
Hello friend,

Thanks for your warm words.
I see now, there is one thing I missed. It is not clear from English text, but it is absolutely clear from Russian. One letter was written by woman. Perhaps she was no soldier, because she is female. The second letter (letter for daughter) was written by male, soldier, here you are right.

Best wishes
please help me translate this used for airgun competition  » answer
by mughram, 2017-12-21, 09:32  Spam?  78.154.228....
4. Подсчет очков.
Время матча каждого участника фиксируется после поражения мишени на 100м(80- Легкий и 110- Открытый) или после 15-го выстрела, с указанием дистанции последней пораженной мишени.При этом в индивидуальную ведомость вносятся результаты дистанций последних поражённых мишеней , количество выстрелов на их поражение и затраченное время .
Осмотр мишенного поля после окончания матча производиться судьёй и Организатором соревнования . Не закинутые мишени определяются на предмет поражения с помощью Калибра-измерителя . В случае если отпечаток пули (Центральная точка пулевого следа) касается границы Калибра-измерителя мишень считается ,как "Не поражена".

При любом нарушении стрелком порядка поражения мишеней в своей стрелковой...
» show full text
Vintage Russian Poster Text Translation » answer
by CJ8990, 2017-12-16, 23:08  Spam?  67.167.5....
Quick translation request.  A little background.  My German grandmother carried this poster rolled up in a backpack through her time in Germany during WW2.  She kept it as it was the only thing she had left of her mother.  This poster was apparently given to her mother (my great grandmother) when she was young and in school in Russia.  The poster was to be given to the best student in class and celebrated 300 years of the Russian monarchy.  I do not speak any Russian but the poster has always been on my wall and I consider it the prized possession of my family.  I would like to know what it says exactly and also I was told my great grandmothers name is written on there somewhere but I was not able to find it.  Her name was Emmy Lutterman if that helps.  

----The poster----

----Text close up----

----Footnotes 1----

----Footnotes 2----

Thanks for any help!

by Demetrius, 2017-12-17, 02:58  Spam?  176.49.236....
The first one:

"Sheet of the praise

This was given to Lutterman Emma, the student of the firs class of the Vladivostok girl school named after prince Alexei, for her perfect studying and behavior.

Vladivostok, 21 october 1917

Chairman of the teachers Council

Director of the school

Members of the Council"
by Demetrius, 2017-12-17, 04:26  Spam?  176.49.236....
The following part:

"The celebration of 300 years of the rule of the House of Romanov

1) Their Majesties do their great emergence in Moscow.
2) Their Majesties visit Boyar House of Romanov in Moscow.
3) Their Majesties visit Rooms of Romanov in the Ipatiev monastery in Kostroma.
4)  ????? - monument of 300 years of the rule of Romanov in Petrograd.
5) Solemn glorification for Holy Germogen, the all-Russian Patriarch, in Moscow.

The celebration of 100 years of the Patriotic war

1) Their Majesties talk with invalids on the Borodino field.
2) Their Majesties present during the prayer on the Borodino field.
3) Their Majesties do their great emergence on red square in Moscow."

if you have any questions, please ask
Need help with ingraving on silverware » answer
by matca484, 2017-12-03, 16:25  Spam?  83.185.83...
Hello everyone.

My mother in law bought drinking glasses wrapped in a container made of silver at a hotel in moscow back in 1976. The items are probably older than that. I am trying to find out who made it and i found some engravings in russian. They are not 100% clear, but after looking at all four of them i am pretty sure i have identified the cyrillic letters. Can you help me find out what they mean. The words are:

by Demetrius, 2017-12-03, 16:58  Spam?  176.49.197....

On one Russian forum I found following. 7ЮММЕТ is the mark (stamp) meaning "1977, Moscow, metal". Moscow is town, the place of the producing of this thing. There is no silver there because there was written "metal".

I do not see any meaning in the word "цброок". I do not know what it is.
by matca484, 2017-12-03, 19:54  Spam?  94.254.73....
Ok, so my word is probably 4юммет, which then would mean 1774, moscow, metal?
It is possible that its not silver but another metal.

If the other makes no sense i probably got it wrong. Maybe you can decipher it better?
by matca484, 2017-12-03, 19:59  Spam?  94.254.73....
That picture was a bit blurry, attaching a clearer picture
by Demetrius, 2017-12-04, 04:15  Spam?  176.49.222...
My bad. I see now, the inscription "ц6р00к" means the price, this is the abbreviation from "цена 6 рублей 00 копеек" (price 6 rubles 00 kopecks).

Yes, 1974, Moscow, metal.
by matca484, 2017-12-05, 13:17  Spam?  91.223.51....
Thanks alot for your help! :)
exact meaning » answer
by partika (UN), Last modified: 2017-11-21, 19:25  Spam?  
Hi! Dear Friends, The following text is from Avesta.
Из края в край волнуется
Всё море Ворукаша
И волны в середине
Вздымаются, когда
Свои вливает воды,
В него впадая, Ардви
Всей тысячью протоков
И тысячью озёр
Любое из которых
За сорок дней объехать
Успеет только всадник
На добром скакуне.
I don't know whether the owner of протоков  and озёр is Ардви  (Aredvi, an ancient Iranian goddess) or море Ворукаша  (Sea of vouru-kasha, a cosmic ocean).
Thanks very much.
by Demetries, 2017-11-21, 20:26  Spam?  176.49.213...

Ардви has thousands протоков and озер. Because there is no comma (or another punctuation signs) between these words.
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2017-12-02, 22:08  Spam?  
Here ist the interlinear translation:

Из края в край волнуется
Всё море Ворукаша
All the sea of Vouru-kasha
Is running high from edge to edge

И волны в середине
Вздымаются, когда
Свои вливает воды,
В него впадая, Ардви
And in the middle of it
The waves are heaving when
The Ardvi-river pours its waters
Inflowing it

Всей тысячью протоков
И тысячью озёр
With its thousands of arms (branches)
And thousands of lakes

I hope I could help you
I need help. Is this translation correct? » answer
by Wanmusa (UN), 2017-11-09, 16:26  Spam?  
А ты... Придёшь... И встанешь у порога...
And you ... You will come ... And you will rise at the threshold ...

Устало спросишь: "Как твои дела?" -
You will ask tiredly: "How are you?" -

Я улыбнусь: "Да, в общем, слава Богу..." -
I will smile: "Yes, in general, thank God ..." -

"Я задержался, извини..." - "Я не ждала."
"I stayed, I'm sorry ..." - "I did not wait."

А смысл ждать? Ведь всё было напрасно.
A sense of waiting? Everything was in vain.

Когда ты нужен был - ты оставлял одну...
When you were needed - you left one ...

Ты спросишь, тихо: "Не осталось шансов?
You ask, quietly: "No chance left?

Больше не любишь?" - "От чего ж? Люблю."
Do not you love anymore?" - "From what? I love."

Но какой толк? Ведь всё безперспективно.
But what's the use? Everything is hopeless.

» show full text
by Demetries, 2017-11-09, 20:42  Spam?  176.49.251....
yet another variant:

А ты... Придёшь... И встанешь у порога...
And you ... You will come ... And you'll get up at the threshold ...

Устало спросишь: "Как твои дела?" -
You will ask tiredly: "How are you?" -

Я улыбнусь: "Да, в общем, слава Богу..." -
I will do a smile: "Yes, in general, thank God ..." -

"Я задержался, извини..." - "Я не ждала."
"I was delayed, I'm sorry ..." - "I did not wait."

А смысл ждать? Ведь всё было напрасно.
Why was it needed to be waiting? Everything was in vain.

Когда ты нужен был - ты оставлял одну...
When you were needed me - you left me alone ...

Ты спросишь, тихо: "Не осталось шансов?
You ask, silently: "Is there any chance left?

Больше не любишь?" - "От чего ж? Люблю."
Do not you love anymore?" - "Why? I love."

Но какой толк? Ведь всё безперспективно.
» show full text
I have a knitting pattern which i like but it is in Russian.  » answer
by Kiwisue, 2017-10-13, 08:46  Spam?  115.189.132...
I have a knitting pattern which i like but it is in Russian. Please is there any one out there who could translate it for me? The pattern has been saved as a picture so I can't use an online translator. I would send the pattern to anyone who could help. I want to make it for my Grandaugter
by Demetries, 2017-10-13, 09:58  Spam?  176.49.253....
please look at a post below on this page, there is my e-mail there. send me the picture.
1 sentence to translate for a tatoo please » answer
by osiris1910, 2017-10-11, 23:45  Spam?  142.169.78...
hi I wanted to translated this small piece of text in russia  for someone who want to get tattoed...
here's the text-> One minute you're filled with happiness
Next minute there's nothing but pain

thx for your help !
by Demetries, 2017-10-12, 08:34  Spam?  176.49.212....
Hi, the phrase in Russian:

Минута - и ты наполнен счастьем. Еще минута - и нет ничего, кроме боли.
by osiris1910, 2017-10-19, 00:34  Spam?  70.82.192....
thanks a lot for the translation!..
is it normal to have dash in the middle of the sentence?
by Demetries, 2017-10-19, 10:25  Spam?  176.49.249...
Relax, bro. That's all right.

See more (rules of Russian dash):


you and me
you + me (using the math)
ты и я (in Russian)

you is me
you = me (using the math)
ты - я (in Russian)

Russian dash is something equal to the sign "=", such the comparison may be used.

If you delete dashes from the phrase, you get "(moment + you) are feeling of happiness". Must be "moment = you are feeling of happiness". Must be dash in Russian. Feel it.
Slang Words for Novel » answer
by bueller (UN), 2017-10-01, 21:34  Spam?  
I have been looking for some words or phrases a character in a novel would use for an attractive woman. Something he might say under his breath.

The character is a bit of ladies man.  How might he refer to some of the women he hopes to get?

I ran across "баба."  Is this equivalent to "chick" or something like that?  Are there some other phrases you might recommend?
by Demetries, 2017-10-01, 21:59  Spam?  176.49.246....
what is age of these man and woman? if they are young (up to 30 maybe) - "телка". if they are older, then perhaps "баба". These words are a little rough.

I think there is exact equivalent to "chick", it is the word "цыпочка" (for any age comely female).
Further Question  #879960
by bueller (UN), 2017-10-01, 22:20  Spam?  
Thanks for the fast answer. The characters are under 30.

What do you mean by rough?  Meaning that the words aren't used, or they are dated, or they are offensive? I am looking for something that isn't super-offensive.  An equivalent to chick or babe.  I was hoping "баба" might work because I could write it baba in the English text and it would be a simple catch phrase that English speakers could follow once I tell them what it is.    

There was a Russian TV that I read some translations where they used "баба" a lot referring to women set at a men's magazine.
by Demetries, 2017-10-01, 22:55  Spam?  176.49.246....
Some Russian girls may be a little insulted the word "baba", if this word was used to them. I had seen such situations. "Baba" is a simply hamlet woman (not the lady). "Цыпочка" is an attractive woman.

"Baba" may be used, if this word is such needed. For example, "классная баба", "красивая баба" and so on.

Sorry, it is deep night in my place. I will be back tomorrow.
by Demetries, 2017-10-02, 06:56  Spam?  176.49.194....
The word "баба" does not show any sexappeal estimate. This is village female humanoid, nothing more. "Баба" may be handsome, may be ugly. As I understood, you need a word in order to show sex delight (sex attraction) of a male who looked at her. In this case the word "baba" must be only used in joint with other word, there must be a phrase.

Show me your sentence, where you plan to use the Russian word "baba". Maybe I bad understand your target.
by bueller (UN), 2017-10-02, 23:30  Spam?  
I am constructing speech patterns for  this person now, who is Russian, speaks English, but also will mutter some Russian words under his breath, from time to time.  The novel is being written in English.

If I can understand how baba is used, I think I can make it work, and prefer it because of its simplicity.

I think I can work with it a bit if I understand it.

баба--A common woman.  Somewhat derogatory, somewhat objectifying, but not utterly obscene or offensive.  Though it doesn't show physical attractiveness, if the character mutters this, his is disrespecting them to some degree.
by Demetries, 2017-10-03, 07:45  Spam?  176.49.192....
Predominantly, "баба" is peasant woman or woman of crowd. Feel taste: "бабы на покосе" in opposition to "дамы на балу". If we say "бабы на балу" it will sound as a sneer.

Yes, in the last paragraph you are right. However, singular word "baba" means nothing except low origin woman. Phrases like "stupid baba", "fat baba", "hot baba", "pretty baba" (and so on) may be used.

A disrespect name for woman is "курица" (bimbo?). In contrary to "цыпочка", the "цыпочка" may show sex adoration.

If you need ONE word as a characteristics, the "baba" does not fit. "Курица" (kuritsa) fits.
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by nicaise schmidt, 2017-09-25, 21:09  154.70.99....
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by horno falcky, 2017-09-17, 12:26  Spam?  178.2.232....
Hello, friends from Ukraina,
I need help for someone in America. This person would like to have an English translation of the
following song.
Українська народна пісня
Канада є розширена,
На цілий світ вихвалена;
Гей, хто не вірит, най спробує,
Пару центів зашпорує.
Я не вірил, та-м спробовал,
Пару центів зашпоровал;
Гей, пару центів і таляри,
Не піду уж до Канади!
Як-єм пришол до Нев-Йорку,
Віділ я там воду вельку;
Гей, як-єм пришол до Пряшова,
Стрітила ня жена моя:
Витай, витай, ти, пияку,
Хто же ті дал на шифкарту?
Гей, камаратя шя зложити
Та й шифкарту вимінили.

Thank you very much in advance !!!
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by gred schmidt, 2017-09-25, 21:04  154.70.99....
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