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Russian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Russian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Need some help on exact meaning in english » answer
by zranslator (UN), Last modified: 2017-08-08, 18:22  Spam?  
Hi,i have a russian friend that only speaks russian and i was using online translation tools to speak with him.He typed these ,can someone please help on translating these in exact meaning to english? I made an offer before and then we were talking about international travel to my country.

Твоё предложение в силе? Привет я немного позже прилечу

I think it is obvious that first sentence means "is your offer still valid?" But i am not sure about second one.
Does it mean that he is on a flight to reach me at the moment or he will have a flight to reach me really soon  or he will have a flight a little later(not soon)

He is unreachable at the moment,but i am not sure if its about this travel or not.So i cant ask him anymore what he meant.

Thanks in advance
by Demetries, 2017-08-08, 18:56  Spam?  176.49.210...

You translated aright the first sentence.

The meaning of the Russian phrase "немного позже" depends on a context. For example, if earlier you were talking about hours and minutes, I would be thinking about hours and minutes of delay, no more. And so on.
by zranslator (UN), 2017-08-08, 19:25  Spam?  
Thanks for quick reply.The delay word is there definitetly then.

I got these two translations in online engines.I will arrive or I will fly
Which one is true?
by Demetries, 2017-08-08, 20:08  Spam?  176.49.210...
немного позже = a little later

The phrase "я немного позже прилечу" can be translated as "I will be arrived a little later".
by Demetries, 2017-08-08, 20:22  Spam?  176.49.210...
I do not know how to do perfect form from the verb "fly"

летать = fly
при+летать = I do not know, I took "arrive"

The phrase "я немного позже прилечу" can be exactly translated as "I will be arrived (using the plane) a little later".
by Demetries, 2017-08-08, 20:44  Spam?  176.49.210...
it is better: "I will arrive (using the plane) a little later"
by zranslator (UN), Last modified: 2017-08-08, 20:47  Spam?  
Demetries you are great ;) thank you again.

So he is positive about that he will come.But it will be delayed a bit ok i see now.
How do you say in Russian » answer
by Kate10, 2017-08-05, 13:00  Spam?  195.29.126...
How do you say in Russian: For any questions/inquieries you might have, I'm here. ?
Thank you:)
by Demetries, 2017-08-05, 17:12  Spam?  176.49.205....
Perhaps, this variant:

Если будут любые вопросы - я здесь. (If there are any questions, I'm here.)
Help translate embroidery text on towel.  » answer
by Sunnynature22, 2017-07-30, 17:06  Spam?  73.27.22...
Help translate embroidered text.  There are two different phrases on each end of a tea towel.  Thank you!
by Demetries, 2017-07-30, 17:53  Spam?  176.49.224...
Translation is:

towel 1 (left): wiping face remember our love
towel 2(right): cleanliness is better than beauty 13th october 91

I want to say that towel 2 has the text with using old spelling, therefore I think age of  this towel is approx 100 years old or more, maybe.
Thank you for the help!    #875157
by Sunnynature22, 2017-07-30, 21:17  Spam?  73.27.22...
Probably 1891 based on your comments.   I'm delighted with the translation.  Many thanks to you!
English into Russian 'that's what I was supposed to say'  » answer
by Alphs007 , 2017-07-23, 22:21  Spam?  90.255.55....
Hi can someone please translate "That's what I was supposed to say" into Russian..
I want it as a tattoo and so I need it translated correctly.
In terms of getting the meaning right- it's saying that there was the a correct response to a statment, however I didn't get it until after the time had passed.
by Demetries, 2017-07-24, 06:18  Spam?  176.49.235....
Hi, In English there are many variants: have to, must, supposed to, ought to... In Russian I can not to transfer hues of the words what I have written above. In Russian there is one variant: должен, i.e., in Russian the phrases are similar:

That's what I was supposed to say = that's what I must to say = that's what I have to say = вот что я должен был сказать

that's what I wanted to say = вот что я хотел сказать

that's what I must to say = вот что я должен был сказать

that's what I have to say = вот что я имею сказать (variant of the translation)

Email me to exre4; and explain more about this tatoo, if you want.
by Demetries, 2017-07-24, 06:28  Spam?  176.49.235....
There was mistakes in verb tenses. It is correct:

That's what I am supposed to say = that's what I must to say = that's what I have to say = вот что я должен сказать

that's what I wanted to say = вот что я хотел сказать

that's what I must to say = вот что я должен сказать

that's what I have to say = вот что я имею сказать (variant of the translation)
by Alphs007 , 2017-07-24, 06:44  Spam?  90.255.55....
Okay, thanks. So there is a difference in the Russian but they all basically mean the same thing right?
Can you suggest which version most portrays my point? Or is not that simple.

by Demetries, 2017-07-24, 07:13  Spam?  176.49.235....
I would want to know where this tatoo will be placed, and what you want to show by it. I dont understand exactly. For example, if the place is the your fist, and you want to use it as last argument (you show the fist and your opponent sees this tatoo) I could to propose "Вот что я имею сказать". However, if the tattoo on the your breast, it will be ununderstandable. I cant, I need the place and the motive.
by Alphs007 , 2017-07-24, 07:27  Spam?  90.255.55....
It's not really about arguing or making a statement to others, it's just meaningful and personal to me. I was going to put it very small right under a tattoo I already have circling my thigh.  So most of the time people won't even see it.
Aha sorry it's kind of difficult to get the feel of the sentence over text but it's almost sad, like you always knew what you were supposed to say but just couldn't say it because you didn't mean it at the time
by Demetries, 2017-07-24, 08:26  Spam?  176.49.235....
I think I have understood. I would offer following

"Вот, что я хотел сказать" (Here's what I wanted to say or That's what I wanted to say).

If in the ending of sentence to put 3 dots, the sentence will be more sad (a little): "Вот, что я хотел сказать..."
by Alphs007 , 2017-07-24, 08:28  Spam?  90.255.55....
Awesome thank you
геморойно » answer
by AUsernameThatIsntTaken, 2017-07-06, 20:55  Spam?  87.116.180...
Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me.

I came across the word геморойно and I can't find what it means for the life of me. I've tried every dictionary, slang dictionary, Russian synonym dictionary and online translator I could find and no luck. Most of them tell me they can't find it, and some suggest a similar-looking word that means "hemorrhoid" - but the word I'm looking for has nothing to do with that.
The context is something like: "I thought it was too ______(геморойно) for you."
My best guess is something along the lines of fancy or expensive? Then again, these are just guesses and I could be completely wrong.

Any help I can get means a lot.
by Demetries, 2017-07-07, 04:11  Spam?  176.49.247....

1) геморрой is the disease
2) in vernacular use (colloquial)  the word геморрой also means many troubles or difficulties
by Demetries, 2017-07-07, 04:28  Spam?  176.49.247....
This disease do not kill but brings many uncomfortabilities. When we say "геморрой" ("геморр" is also in use) about some employments we imply something similar.
by AUsernameThatIsntTaken, 2017-07-07, 16:12  Spam?  87.116.180...
Thank you for replying!
However, I don't need "геморрой", I need геморойно. The sentence in Russian is:
"Я думал для тебя это слишком геморойно."
So if we take the colloquial meaning, could this perhaps translate to "I thought it was too troublesome/ too much trouble for you"?
by Demetries, 2017-07-07, 17:49  Spam?  176.49.250...
I glad to read you again

геморрой is noun, геморройный is adjective, геморройно is adverb. This is only one difference. The meaning stays same. Геморройно = difficultly, геморройный = difficult, геморрой = difficulties.

Я думал для тебя это слишком геморойно = I thought it was  too difficult for you. Yes, you are absolutely right in last sentence.
by AUsernameThatIsntTaken, 2017-07-07, 18:49  Spam?  87.116.180...
Thank you so much, you were a great help!
Just a Few Translations Needed » answer
by MsAaron (UN), Last modified: 2017-06-29, 15:47  Spam?  
I'm working on a book with some Russian characters, and I'm having trouble figuring out the right translations for some things. Don't judge me, but I need some translations for:
f*ck doll
pedophile (for this one, I want slang, not just a direct translation. What would a Russian use as a derogatory word for a man who has sex with/abuses underaged boys. Like, in English, you'd say "disgusting child f*cker" or something like that. I don't know if there's a term in Russian for it.)
Thanks for your help!
by Demetrius, 2017-06-29, 16:56  Spam?  176.49.217...
fuck doll - I need whole sentence, I dont see declension

pedophile, who likes boys - "педераст" (only one variant I know, perhaps, there are no more). The word "педераст" is derogatory.

disgusting child fucker - I would offer the phrase "мерзкий детоеб"
by MsAaron (UN), 2017-06-29, 17:00  Spam?  
Hi Demetrius! Thanks for your help.
By f*ck doll, I mean a woman who a man uses as he wants. In the book, it's a threat. The villain wants to use the heroine as a f*ck doll. Sort of like a sex slave.
by Demetrius, 2017-06-29, 17:31  Spam?  176.49.217...

In Russian is only one variant for "rubber woman" is "резиновая женщина". There is not in Russian tongue the rough variant for this phrase. In the meaning what you have said the word "подстилка" can be used, I think.
by MsAaron (UN), 2017-06-29, 20:34  Spam?  
Thank you, Demetrius!
Useful Phrases » answer
by Bulbasaur (UN), Last modified: 2017-06-27, 20:45  Spam?  
Hi, could someone please provide the common way(s) to say the following in Russian:

I'm hungry
I'm thirsty
I'm fine.
(go) Where?
Where (is it)?
I'm tired.
I'm sleepy.
I'm hot.
I'm cold.
I need...
I want...
(well) I could.
I will.
I can.
Where am I?
How do you feel?
You're welcome.
Say it again.
(Go) slower.
What's wrong?
(You're) right.
That's not right.
Where is (location/place)... ?
Where are you?
I feel...
How much (does it cost)?
Wait (there).
Hold on.
Come here.
I like it.
I love it.
I can't (do that).
Excuse me.
Let me think.
I have to go/leave.
Could you...?
I'm ready.
Clean up.
How do I...?
I feel...
(Now) It's time.
Follow me.
by Demetrius, 2017-06-27, 22:39  Spam?  176.49.214...
Hi, it is what I could:

I'm hungry - Я голоден
I'm thirsty - Я хочу пить
I'm fine - Я в порядке
(go) Where? - Where to? - Куда?
Where (is it)? - Где (это)?
I'm tired - Я устал
I'm sleepy - Я сонный
Help - Help me! - Помогите!
I'm hot - Мне жарко
I'm cold - Мне холодно
I need... - It is needed the context (compare: Мне нужно в школу or Мне нужны шестеренки or Мне нужен хлеб)
I want... - Я хочу
(well) I could - It is needed the context (variants: Я мог or Я мог бы or Я смог бы)
I will - Я буду
I can - Я могу
Hurry! - Скорее!
Please - Пожалуйста
Thanks - Спасибо
Where am I? - Где я?
How do you feel? - Как ты себя чувствуешь? (Как вы себя чувствуете?)
You're welcome - It is needed the context (variant: Пожалуйста)
Say it again - Скажи это еще раз or Скажите это еще раз or Повтори or Повторите
» show full text
by Bulbasaur (UN), 2017-06-29, 04:08  Spam?  
Thank you for helping translate! Here's more contexts:

Hold on (I'm almost there/I'm coming)
Clean up (the trash or mess)
How do I do this?
(You can) Follow me (there)
by Demetrius, 2017-06-29, 11:22  Spam?  176.49.194....
Hold on (I'm almost there/I'm coming)

In an emergency (somebody is wounded or stuck somewhere or fallen or feeling very bad) and the helping is already coming we are used to say "Держись!"

In other situations another phrases are used, for example

I will be soon - я скоро буду

wait a minute - подожди минуту (подождите минуту, if your conversator is older then you)
by Demetrius, 2017-06-29, 11:36  Spam?  176.49.194....
Clean up (the trash or mess)

Maybe, it is the phrase, which will be coincided to all variants: Наведи порядок (Наведите порядок). "Наводить порядок" means washing or brushing or arranging or all together
by Demetrius, 2017-06-29, 11:42  Spam?  176.49.194....
How do I do this? - Как мне это сделать?

(You can) Follow me (there) - Следуй за мной (Следуйте за мной)
Thank you!!!  #873218
by Bulbasaur (UN), 2017-06-29, 21:15  Spam?  
[SPAM]» answer
by niced schmidt, 2017-06-21, 10:50  154.70.98...
What does this mean? » answer
by almasnicky (UN), 2017-06-16, 08:04  Spam?  
Me and my friend went to an old bookstore and in one of the books we found this written -
мы нами плохой и злых держаться от нас подальше

Her russian is so-so, not bad but not good. She said that means "We are bad and evil, stay away from us"
Is that true?

And out of curiosity how would you write "We are bad and evil, stay away from us"?
by Demetrius, 2017-06-16, 08:22  Spam?  176.49.213....
Sorry, I do not good understand the question sense. I try to answer.

The Russian phrase "мы нами плохой и злых держаться от нас подальше" is not correct.

The phrase "We are bad and evil, stay away from us" in Russian will be sound as "Мы плохие и злые, держись от нас подальше!"
Artist Signature » answer
by N, 2017-06-13, 21:41  Spam?  73.94.3....
The artist signature of a last name on a drawing I have is: РоГАЧеВ or very similar characters. Might anyone know what name this is?
by Demetrius, 2017-06-14, 06:03  Spam?  176.49.219...
In the reestr pros artists of Russia I see five person:
Рогачев Андрей Феликсович
Рогачев Виктор Иванович
Рогачев Владимир Витальевич
Рогачев Владимир Григорьевич
Рогачев Михаил Степанович
Artist Signature  #872261
by N, 2017-06-14, 16:39  Spam?  73.94.3....
It is possible that the artist is one of those names, but nearly all of those artists's artworks are not searchable on Google, aside from the list of names that you provided. I have a photo of the signature, and the last name might be different than Rogachev, yet I can not know as I have no experience with the Russian language.
by Demetrius, 2017-06-14, 19:43  Spam?  176.49.212....
Where I can look at the photo?
by N, 2017-06-14, 21:44  Spam?  73.94.3....
Demetrius, thank you for following up with me. Since one cannot attach images on this forum, I have created a temporary URL with two images. Both images show the same signature of an artist's last name, who created drawings in 1987 and 1990.
Here is the link:
by Demetrius, 2017-06-15, 05:33  Spam?  176.49.237....
Yes, you have read right, the last name is Рогачев. I dont know, what can I do further, there is no more information I tried to find. I think, it is possible to write letter right to one of them, send him drawing, and ask "is it yours". For example, on this page message to Рогачев Виктор Иванович can be sent. If you need help, please ask.
by N, 2017-06-15, 21:07  Spam?  73.94.3....
Great, thank you for confirming the name. I will try contacting the artist in the link that you shared. Thank you.
Need help translating text from a photo sent to me » answer
by Rus eng pic help, 2017-06-11, 01:29  Spam?  73.79.228....
МЕХРда -—ажиб бир СЕХР бупаркан .... .. ---
УЛ--СЕХР юраккапМУХР бупарканш ---
by Demetrius, 2017-06-11, 03:52  Spam?  176.49.227....
I cant read the text you sent. This is not the Russian, exactly. Maybe this is Tajik.
Can somebody translate "Brothers are not always related by blood" to Russian? » answer
by Paalduulomus, 2017-05-27, 01:30  Spam?  96.60.22....
by Demetrius, 2017-05-27, 04:52  Spam?  176.49.226....
In this case a Google translation is not bad. The Google translation is "Братья не всегда связаны кровью".
Could someone help translate this old poster? » answer
by remmyrem, 2017-05-14, 13:14  Spam?  81.216.194....
I've been reading about the Russian Red Cross' work during WW1 and I was wondering if anybody could help me translate this poster?

My Russian is at beginner-level, so I don't understand much of it.
by Demetrius, 2017-05-14, 14:05  Spam?  176.49.201....
It was in Russian:

На передовых позициях
работает только
направив туда
164 лазарета
и 22 отряда при
55000 кроватей,

врачей 696
сестер 6689
санитаров 8000

20-21 декабря

Москвичи! Не уставайте жертвовать, как не устают
биться за честь и величие нашей Родины те, кому вы жертвуете.
by Demetrius, 2017-05-14, 14:07  Spam?  176.49.201....
In English:

At the forefront
Works only
Sent there
164 Infirmaries
And 22 detachments at
55000 beds,

doctors 696
nurses 6689
medical orderlies 8000

December 20-21

People of Moscow! Do not get tired of donating, men to whom you are donating do not get tired to fight for honor and greatness of our Motherland.
by remmyrem, 2017-05-14, 14:41  Spam?  81.216.194....
Thank you, Demetrius!
From Russian youtube » answer
by Shawnthegnome (UN), 2017-05-10, 01:00  Spam?  
I have been learning Russian one word at a time.... from youtube videos.  Can someone please try and translate what sounds like..

Y U marble be atz


Why you marble beatz

Thank you..
by Demetrius, 2017-05-10, 03:30  Spam?  176.49.215....
At all it is not understandable. Please give the link to the movie.
by Shawnthegnome (UN), 2017-05-10, 04:12  Spam?  
youtube .

at the 3.30 second mark.  he says it twice..
by Demetrius, 2017-05-10, 04:32  Spam?  176.49.215....
Man has said "Твою маму, блядь".
by Shawnthegnome (UN), 2017-05-10, 05:39  Spam?  
thank you... it is pretty much what I thought it was...
[SPAM]» answer
by nicolvichl schmidt, 2017-04-19, 12:40  154.70.110...
Please Help Translate! » answer
by Bulbasaur (UN), 2017-04-16, 19:52  Spam?  
Hi, could someone please translate this into Russian so I can memorize it. Please and thanks!

Hello, my name is Alonzo. I live in the United States and want to learn Russian. I want to learn the language so I can make Russian friends. I am nice, curious, and ready to learn.
by Demetrius, 2017-04-16, 21:28  Spam?  176.49.242....
Hello, Alonzo. The translation is ready.

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Алонзо. Я живу в США и хочу изучать русский язык. Я хочу выучить этот язык для того, чтобы завести русских друзей. Я хороший, любознательный и готов учиться.
by Bulbasaur (UN), 2017-04-16, 21:36  Spam?  
Thank you very much!
bending to clear the low metal ceiling » answer
by Demetrius, 2017-04-06, 10:32  Spam?  176.49.250....
This is a phrase from Robert Sheckley "The Hour of Battle". The phrase is "He returned from the port to his chair, bending to clear the low metal ceiling." Could anyone explain me what does the second part of the sentence mean?

I have looked this narrative in Russian translations. One translator leaves this phrase without translation, another translator writes his some fantasy. Nobody Russian understand this!
bending to clear the low metal ceiling  #868317
by Truhachev (RU), Last modified: 2017-04-08, 09:26  Spam?  
Hi Demetrius!

First of all:
This sentence is wrong: Nobody(?) Russian understand(s?) this!
Correct sentense: No Russian can understand this(that)!

And then.. what makes you think and say so?
If you personally can't do anyting, it doesn't mean everybody can't do that either.
The word "port" has several meanings in Russian like:проход, левый борт (судна), гавань; приют; убежище etc. You know the context and it's up to you to choose any of them.

The second part of the sentence:... bending to clear the low metal ceiling.
I would propose the following: нагнувшись/нагибаясь, чтобы почистить ( вымыть? помыть?) низкий металлический потолок.

As you see, it's nothing difficult in that part of the sentence.

Best wishes
by Demetrius, 2017-04-08, 10:49  Spam?  176.49.232....
Добрый день, Андрей!

Я по-русски. Согласен, окончание "s" к слову "understand" следовало бы приделать. В остальном - я не понимаю. На моем (школьном, можно сказать) уровне знания анг. языка разница между "Nobody Russian" и "No Russian" неощутима. У меня задача, чтобы понятно было - это уже достижение.

По поводу фразы. У Шекли в космосе где-то - на рубежах - напряженно ждут нападения инопланетян. Смотрят на индикатор. И почти не говорят даже. Они - солдаты, охранители. И вдруг вот это: "Он вернулся от иллюминатора к своему креслу, наклонившись помыть низкий металлический потолок". Жуть. Я и подумал, что здесь или идиома какая-нибудь или еще что. В прямом значении предложение русскому человеку понять невозможно, потому что оно не влазит в контекст. Оно и в рамки специфического юмора Шекли, похоже, не влазит....
» show full text
by Truhachev (RU), 2017-04-08, 10:59  Spam?  
Hi Demetrius!

Добрый совет:
найдите сайт с английской грамматикой, раздел "Употребление слов: no / nobody" . После изучения раздела Вам все станет ясным.
ПС: У меня уровень не школьный, а за плечами окончание института , факультет иностранных языков.(специализация: немецкий и английский языки) + работа преподавателем и переводчиком изрядное количество лет.

Best wishes
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